Before Coming to Tasmania: Everyone must be registered on TAS e-Travel application before traveling to Tasmania. You also need to download Check-In TAS application that will be used to check in every venue in Tasmania that includes attractions and cafes/restaurants. Every member either has it in their phone or one person from the family include all others in their companion. It is recommended that you link your vaccine status (full vaccination required) on check in TAS app from Medicare or each person carry their own vaccine statuses in print from Medicare (MyGov if registered). Proof of vaccination is mandatory before getting in the van at pick up location.

More information before coming to Tasmania: Ready to travel to TAS


If you are feeling unwell and showing symptoms please do let us know and do not join the tour. If driver becomes aware of such symptoms, he may advise you to take RT-PCR test that result will take up to 24 hours. It will be your responsibility to arrange accommodation and transportation and test. Then you will need to catch up with the tour next day by taking a bus to meet the rest. You will be refunded for one day exclusion from the tour at pro-rata base.

During the tour Driver has authority to take appropriate action that he would decide as necessary for the benefit of all customers and driver himself.

Physical Distance: Customers between themselves and Driver/Guide maintain 1.5 distance at all time, while in the van and out of the van visiting attractions and at cafes during breakfast and lunch. It is also for your own good to keep the distance from other visitors that you may meet at attractions or cafes/restaurants.

Seating in the Van: Our van is a 14 seat Toyota Hiace Commuter van. Sitting allocation excludes Driver seat and next to the driver side passenger seat (unavailable) that leaves 12 seats for the customers. However, we will try to allocate the seats with a distance leaving 7 seats available for the passengers. Other 5 seats and driver’s side passenger seat, total 6 seats will not be allocated. Wearing mask is mandatory indoor including tour, cafes, attractions restaurant, shopping centres according to latest order by The Tasmanian Government.

Hygiene: We sanitise the van throughout before and after the tour and provide hand sanitiser in the van for customers use.




In addition to preparing for Government vaccination requirements, tourism businesses may establish their own vaccination policy for bookings, patrons and staff.

Small and medium tourism businesses may also have a responsible tourism vaccination policy to manage risk and support the health and safety of patrons, staff and local communities. A vaccination policy enables a business to proactively determine vaccination requirements.


COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Booking Conditions


In accordance with TASMANIA TOURS 4 U's duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is free of known hazards, we are adopting this policy to safeguard the health of our customers and our employees as well as the community at large from infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 or influenza, that may be reduced by vaccinations


All eligible Australian or international customers, and our employees are required to have received AT LEAST TWO DOZES of Australian TGA approved vaccinations by 14 days prior tour departure date. Any prospective customers will be denied to book for any tour. In such circumstances:

  • for customers, they are required to indicate their vaccination status in the booking form which will be verified by the driver/guide before they are picked up from their accommodation or before they enter the vehicle. If they declared incorrect information in their booking form then they will be considered “No Show” and will not be allowed to join in the tour and there won’t be any refund. (*)

  • fully vaccinated customers may ask the driver/guide for his proof of vaccination status before they are picked up from their accommodation or enter the tour vehicle. 

  • if covid-19 outbreak starts in Tasmania after customers joined in the tour then the company has right to stop the tour and drop off the customers at the nearest airport or accommodation and refund unused tour days in pro-rata.

 (*) Booking Term

The company will not accept a booking for any eligible person that is not fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  Where a person makes a booking and is then unable to meet the requirement, the customer shall be barred from entering the tour vehicle and the service and the company’s cancellation policy “No Show – No Refund” shall apply.


Special Cancellation Policy: If Australia, Tasmania or any State declared lockdown and customers are unable to travel to Tasmania then our policy is “No Fee change date” applies and rebooking can be done no further than 12 months.